Did you know that there are five commercial pipelines running underneath Placitas? These single-wall pipelines move toxic materials like butane, crude oil, and gasoline under extremely high pressure, and if one was to leak or rupture (as pipelines often do), it could spell disaster for Placitas. Recently, two pipeline operators applied for and were granted permits by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to increase operating pressure without public comment. LPA feels this decision puts Placitas in an unfair, unsafe situation. To make matters worse, we have four (4) high pressure pipelines running in our most active creek, Las Huertas Creek and crossing 34 other arroyos where they become exposed when water runoff carries away the soil that is supposed to keep them buried. Once they are exposed they are susceptible to being ruptured by the rocks and other debris being washed over them, further increasing the likelihood of an eventual rupture.
One solution LPA is pursuing to reduce the pipeline threat is to have these dangerous pipelines rerouted away from central Placitas.

Join LPA and help us make Placitas a safer place to live by getting the pipeline operators to move their pipelines to a safer location.

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