doneLas Placitas Association

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Placitas, NM

Placitas photo by Julie Denison

    Pipeline Safety in Placitas

Our Purpose

The Las Placitas Association (LPA) is fully committed to obtaining enhanced pipeline safety measures that dramatically reduce the possibility of a pipeline spill in the Placitas area.

Specifically, LPA proposes that a network of up to 48 leak detection wells be installed and monitored along the petroleum pipelines that traverse Placitas.

Early Warning Pipeline Leak Detection


The size of spills will be reduced by spotting small leaks early on, that the pipeline companies cannot detect. This lowers the risk of permanent contamination of our well water sources.

This "early warning" capability may also benefit pipeline companies by limiting losses of their pipeline products into the ground.

LPA is visiting with nearby community leaders, state representatives, state administration officials, and pipeline operators to raise awareness and implement measures that dramatically reduce the rik of a pipeline spill in the Placitas area.

For more information, call LPA Board Member Dwight Patterson at (505) 867-0008 or email him.

Supporting Documents