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January 12 will be the first County Commission meeting of this year and the majority of members are newly elected. Upfront apologies if you get multiples of this message, it is important to pack the Commission Chambers for this meeting.

We need a full house of Placitas residents at this County meeting which will start at 6:00p (if possible, be there by 5:45) on Thursday, January 12, 2017 (3d floor, 1500 Idalia Road, Building D, Bernalillo, NM 87004—in the Commission Chambers). Three of the five Commissioners are new (Jay Block-R, David Heil-R. and Kenneth Eichwald-D). James Dominguez-D (our representative) and Don Chapman-R are the returning Commissioners. Three of the five are now from Rio Rancho. We need to get their attention and their active support to fight gravel mining expansion (e.g. the BLM) and to push the Vulcan lawsuit to a win.

To do this, ES-CA President Bob Gorrell, and ES-CA Land Protection Trust Chair Dick Ulmer are on the agenda to give a brief, 10 minute presentation aimed at hitting them with an introduction to a set of facts that show the economic potential of the Placitas area if the County can enforce the vision of the Placitas Plan and hold out against the deep pocketed gravel operators who want non-conforming uses of large parcels of lands adjoining our residential areas. At the County’s request, we will not be discussing any specifics regarding the County lawsuit against Vulcan and the landowner—as such discussion might cause a legal issue that we need to avoid, and we do not think we need such discussion to accomplish our primary objective. Our intent is simply to remind the incumbent Commissioners and introduce the new Commissioners to specific factual data from the Enchantment or Gravel paper prepared jointly with the Las Placitas Association which goes into more detail than we will have time to present.

This effort will put the exclamation mark on how important it is to the County to protect Placitas, and why the Commissioners need to get on board. Having a packed house of Placitas voters showing active support for the message is the most important thing we can do—and just being there in the audience will accomplish that (we will make sure they know why you are there). We are not asking you to sign up to make public comments for this meeting—as we don’t want to turn it into a marathon—just being there will deliver our message.


FIREWISE - Download application forms for a Pilot Project - March 2013 - instructions on the forms:

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 February 22, 2013

After being approached about hosting some type of public meeting to discuss the free range horses, the LPA Board and a representative of the ES-CA Board decided that we could not host a public meeting on this topic with any level of competency to expect a good outcome.  We declined because the livestock bureau, land commissioner, and others identified by random community members as people who could “answer questions” have no jurisdiction in the matter.  The BLM, who does have “jurisdiction”, is in a public comment assessment action period right now, so it is not even up for discussion with them. 

We suggest that a core group of persons dedicated to this issue attempt to work out a joint proposal that can be discussed with governing bodies when they are legally able to do so, as public input/comment processes allow.  This group should work to articulate a clear, viable plan, with adequate details regarding goals, resources required to meet those goals, timelines, etc.  They should then work to obtain provisional support from the governing bodies that presently have jurisdiction and that might gain jurisdiction under the plan.   Once this has been accomplished the group could then bring the conclusions/recommendations of that exchange to the community, through: 1) a document laying out the plan with adequate specifics, 2) submission of the plan to LPA, ES-CA and other community organizations to gain their possible support, and 3) a public meeting including the participation of the governing agencies.



July, 2 2012 UPDATE: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a Rio Puerco Resource Management Draft Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (July 2, 2012). BLM will consider several stated options and solicit public input before issuing the final Plan.

This draft document is in 3 volumes and has 99 maps.  See the document here.