Treasurer-Joan Fenicle:  I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where my favorite past-time was roaming about the mountains – gathering sticks and bones and tracking mountain lions (luckily, I only found tracks). I still enjoy hiking and exploring. I have a deep love for the natural environment, especially the mountains which keep me centered. Although I prefer the label “old hippie activist, I have a Business Degree with a major in accounting and many years business experience. We moved to Placitas in 1999 to the El Canon above the old Village on five acres along Las Huertas Creek. I maintain a studio for my painting and photography and participate in the annual Placitas Studio Tour. I have served two terms on the Board of Directors of Las Placitas Association and am currently Interim Manager of LPA’s low power FM radio station, KUPR. Term Expires December 2018

Vice President-David Haigh-I moved to Placitas in March 2014 following my 32 year career with the Department of Defense and with an additional eight years of providing recreational programs, facilities and program in the private sector, I have a solid background that will be of use to the Las Placitas Association in creating more outdoor recreational opportunities for the Placitas residents.  I have found and led some extraordinary hikes while serving on the Board and have more in store in my next term. Term expires December 2018.

Dwight Patterson Dwight Patterson – I am a Mechanical Engineer (University of California, Davis) and an inventor.  My wife Lauri and I have lived in La Mesa since 1993 and we own environmental equipment manufacturing business called Xitech Instruments located in Placitas.   I have spent the last 4 years trying to save Albuquerque’s drinking water supply from the Kirtland jet fuel pipeline spill.  This adventure has taken me into many political areas.   With 26 years’ experience cleaning up fuel spills through my business I have unique knowledge into what will be needed to prevent Placitas from becoming a ghost town purchased by a pipeline operator due to one of their pipelines spilling thousands of gallons of refined fuel into Placitas’s pristine groundwater table.   I am very interested protecting Placitas’s groundwater from the 5 pipelines running through our community. Term Expires December 2018.

President-Sandy Johnson chose New Mexico and Placitas for its quality of life as a place to retire in 2002.  Sandy and her husband, Chuck, continue to be very active in all sorts of community activities in addition to LPA.  Since moving here she has worked with Watermelon Mountain to help save and place unwanted pets in loving homes, and co-founded Placitas WILD to help establish a safe, permanent wild horse preserve on San Felipe Pueblo for our wild horses. Sandy has served on the LPA Board since 2007.  She is currently working with ES-CA to organize opposition to the proposed new 1,000 open pit gravel mine slated for the east end of Placitas by the BLM.  She has supported LPA’s efforts to bring a safe solution for the many pipelines running through our community. Term Expires December 2107.

Secretary- Janice Saxton is a retired software engineer, and a familiar figure on the local political scene.   Janice has twice campaigned for the post of NM State Representative for the district that includes Placitas in recent years.  With degrees in mathematics, physics, and advanced degrees in environmental science and computer science, she currently devotes part of her volunteer energies to The Democratic Women of Sandoval County, and Rebuilding Together Sandoval County.  Her current environmental conservation focus areas include biodiversity, climate change and Transition Towns, an initiative focusing on sustainability and self-sufficiency in local communities. Term Expires December 2107.