The purpose of Las Placitas Association is to promote community awareness and preserve the rural and historical values that make the community an attractive place to live; to promote community cohesion; to preserve, protect and utilize land, air, space, water and historical and cultural resources for the benefit of all of us; to sponsor community improvement projects; to participate in and provide expressions of community views to regional planning groups and governmental agencies at all levels.

Environmental historian Donald Worster said “Learn where you are. Learn about this place and its history. Learn not only the history of its people
but the history of the land itself,
its deep history. Learn to adapt your ideas and institutions to that land. Learn to work together if you mean to endure.”

kuprDid you know Placitas has its very own FM radio station, owned by Las Placitas Association and operated by a volunteer Radio Advisory Council? Listen to KUPR, 99.9 on your FM dial, or streaming on the internet at! (click here for details)

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